First Friendly Game

The Steelkings had their first “real” home game last night when Manchester Phoenix came to visit.

With a shortage of players on both teams due to a number of reasons, the game was played 4-on-4, giving everyone plenty of time on the ice.  Coach McGovern watched closely from the bench, using this as an opportunity to establish who works well in which position and what aspects of the game the team needs to work on.

Manchester Phoenix have a lot more experience on the ice, but the Steelkings weren’t using that as an excuse.  For a team who’ve only been together a few months, this was an important milestone, and one that everyone took seriously.  The final 7-0 score to Manchester didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the team – much.

One of the newer team players, Jake Oakley, was enjoyed his first full sledge hockey game and remained pragmatic about the final score: “Well, the result didn’t go our way but we now know areas we need to work on. A goal for the team would have been a victory in itself but that will come soon enough.”

It was a tough defeat, but the ‘Kings will be training hard and the next time they face Manchester, the outcome could be very different.

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