Steelkings Twin with ‘Hawks

[Image created by Jake Oakley]

[Image created by Jake Oakley]

Despite being hundreds of miles apart, the Sheffield Steelkings have found a kindred spirit in a sledge hockey team in Ontario, Canada.

The Durham Steelhawks have been in existence for years and are part of the OSHA (Ontario Sledge Hockey Association) with experience playing in some of the biggest sledge hockey tournaments in North America. Recently they competed in the Cruisers Cup, where their intermediate team came away with a hard-earned silver medal.

The Steelkings and the Steelhawks have chosen to “twin” their teams together, to share tips, guidance and support for each other throughout the sledge hockey season.  We’ll be keeping an eye on the ‘Hawks to see how things are going with them and will share their big news on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Hopefully one day we’ll even get the opportunity to visit them in person and face them on the ice.

Durham Steelhawks Intermediate Team

Durham Steelhawks Intermediate Team

You can follow the Steelhawks on Facebook or Twitter, or just keep an eye out on our social media pages for more information!


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