The League Starts Here!

Today is one of the most important days ever for the Sheffield Steelkings. In a few hours, we’re heading across Yorkshire for our very first league game against the Kingston Kestrels.

But before we even get that far, we have a couple of important announcements!

Firstly, we have the announcement of our on-ice leadership team. For any team, the Captain and Alternates are critically important. Not just for their official duties liaising with referees on the ice, but for their role off the ice too.

The Steelkings are delighted to announce that #44 David Scivill will be Captain for our inaugural season, ably assisted by #5 Dave Hall and #41 Jake Oakley as his Alternates.

David Scivill was one of the very first people to join the team, long before we were even a team. His dedication and commitment to the Steelkings is obvious to anyone in his presence for more than a few minutes.  The decision to give him the C to wear on his jersey was an easy one, and one that we are sure will be a good one.  Dave Hall is one of the most long-serving sledge hockey players in the UK, and his experience can only make us a better team. Jake Oakley is one of the more public faces of the Steelkings and is truly committed to making the team the best it can be, both on and off the ice.

I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing the three of them congratulations, and we’ll get some photos of them wearing their new letters on their new jerseys later today!

And because we needed to add a C and As to three of the jerseys, we decided we needed new ones all around!  We’re thrilled  that they have arrived in time for the game, courtesy of our friends at Jersey 53, and they feature the logos of our amazing sponsors: AMG Superalloys, Purpose Media, Phoenix Mobility and Jake Oakley Photography (as well as J53 themselves).  You’ll also notice the logo of our twin team in Canada, the Durham Steelhawks, on there as a little shoutout to them. Individual player jerseys have the logos of their own personal sponsors, or a logo of the players choice – keep an eye out when you see them on the ice and see if you can spot all the different logos.  We’ll get some photos of the guys in them later today, but believe us when we say they’re going to look fantastic on the ice!


And if that’s not fantastic enough, you can even have your own Steelkings jersey for just £35, customised with your name and number, or featuring your favourite player. Just drop us an email at and we can get it arranged!

So if you find yourself in Hull this afternoon with nothing to do, don’t forget you can join us at Hull Arena for our very first league game! The puck drops at 5pm, and entry is completely free. We’d love to have you along to cheer us on and hopefully beat the Kingston Kestrels!

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