Visiting our Sponsors

When AMG Superalloys originally approached us and told us of their interest in sponsoring the Steelkings for this season, we were thrilled.  As a team that had not yet even played a game, and was made up of mostly newcomers to the sport, we didn’t anticipate being able to gain any real interest from sponsors.  But AMG were keen, and have been a presence at every one of our home games so far this season.

Earlier this week, a few of our players headed over to their Head Office to meet the man in charge and get to know a little bit more about them.

Steelkings players David Scivill, Bryan Hackworth and Mark Colquitt meeting with AMG Superalloys Managing Director and President, Kevin Lawson

Steelkings players David Scivill, Bryan Hackworth and Mark Colquitt meeting with Kevin Lawson from AMG Superalloys

Three of the Steelkings headed over there – Captain David Scivill, netminder Bryan Hackworth and our newest team member Mark Colquitt – all looking forward to meeting representatives from the company who helped us get started. Managing Director and President, Kevin Lawson, greeted the players and took them on a tour of the company, explaining a bit about what the company does.  AMG Superalloys is a provider of specialty metals, alloys, and materials – which made them a perfect fit for the “Steel”kings!

The meeting went well, with the players explaining some of the challenges we face in getting ice time and equipment, and Kevin offering some suggestions for how AMG Superalloys might be able to assist us further in the future.

In return, we presented Kevin with his own Steelkings jersey, signed by every member of the team and customised with his own name and number on it (which we learned he was proudly wearing around the office later that day!).

For the Steelkings, it was a fantastic experience.  Knowing that we have the support of such a big company, who are willing to get involved, come and watch us, and offer advice, means a huge amount to all of us.  We are proud to wear the AMG Superalloys logo on our shirts, and hope to be able to continue doing so for several more years.

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