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A little later in the week than planned, but continuing our mini series about the players and staff, allow me to introduce you to Tracey Best:

1. Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?

I’m looking forward to playing all the teams to show them how much we have improved

2. What is your personal aim this season?

To carry on improving my speed, puck control and willingness to get stuck in! – Perhaps not so many bruises though!

3. Favourite food?

Has to be chocolate or chips, probably Leonidas chocolates with a trip to Amsterdam or Brugges thrown in to collect them!

4. Favourite band or musician?

Now this is a hard one (said the actress to the bishop hehe) I like so many different types of music, Evanesence ,Lady Antebellum, Poison, Aerosmith, Nickleback, Michael Bolton, depends what mood I am in when I get up!!

5. If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?

 I think any NHL game just for the experience of how it’s done over there

6. Why/How did you become a Steelking?

I’m going to give Jake the credit or blame for this one! He mentioned that they would be doing a bit of an exhibition match before a Steeldogs game and I had a watch and thought, now then, I can play ice hockey even though I cannot skate, after a few practices I was thrown in at the deep end by joining the team and playing my first match, not looked back since. Still get very nervous before a game but nowhere near as much as that first game.

7. Most embarrassing moment on the ice?

Just one?! I think the new sledges were quite a challenge when it was too high and every time I fell over I could not get back up, but being hit in the boob by a puck was quite embarrassing too!! After that I bought some special ‘lady’ shoulder pads.

8. Who is your favourite hockey player (sledge or normal) and why?

As I’m typing this and Steeldogs had a fantastic result (24th January) it would be Arnoldas Bosas because of his performance last night, Caroline and Rachel are quite an inspiration to me and I hope to be as good as them one day, and Nicole Jackson being a female netminder playing with the Steeldogs inspires me too.

9. If you could be another teammate for a week who would it be and why?

Maybe Barry, he makes playing sledge hockey look so effortless sometimes I think I could learn a lot!

10. Who is the funniest teammate?

We all have a good laugh, Andy can be very funny and me and John have a good giggle on the ice.

11. What is your favourite website

At the moment it’s Pinterest, I could spend hours on there finding new craft projects to do

12. Who is your dream date?

This is a bit of a nasty question to be set by my husband! luckily he knows its Chris Hemsworth or Joe Manganiello (to name just two) but that’s ok because Peter can have Katy Perry or Scarlett Johansson if he wants!!

13. Who’s the best dressed in the team?

That’s quite a difficult one as we are usually in ‘uniform’ I think I’d have to say Rachel as she has a very nice leather jacket that I would like to steal, and Jake and John obviously have the best suits in the world!!

14. What training drill do you dread the most?

Most of them lol! I’m not good with drills as I overthink things, then when I get them wrong it really knocks my confidence, I feel I improve much more when we are playing a scrim as I don’t think I just act

15. One word to describe you?


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