Introducing John

Continuing our mini series about the players a staff, allow me to introduce you to John Oakley:

1. Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why?

Manchester so I can play against my beloved daughter, Ellie.

2. What is your personal aim this season?

To improve generally e.g. puck control, shooting, speed, manoeuvrability, stamina and less falling over

3. Favourite food?

What’s not to like about food? I’ve eaten everything from live mealworms to nouvelle cuisine. A full English always goes down well though!

4. Favourite band or musician?

I like a whole range of music – anything from heavy metal to classical. My favourite genre I suppose is indie and if I had to choose a favourite band of all time it would probably be the Stones

5. If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?

I’ve done the Summer Olympic Games but would like to attend the Winter Games at some point.

6. Why/How did you become a Steelking?

I was introduced to it by my son, Jake who also plays for the Steelkings

7. Most embarrassing moment on the ice?

Probably when I had set my sledge too high and my arms weren’t long enough to push myself upright again. I was floundering for what seemed like an eternity in front of our own net, although I did manage to stop a certain goal while I was there

8. Who is your favourite hockey player (sledge or normal) and why?

All time favourite I think would be Tommy Plommer who used to play for Sheffield Steelers. It could have been Scotty Allison if he hadn’t defected to the Nottingham Panthers

9. If you could be another teammate for a week who would it be and why?

I’d be Jake, my son, because we are very like-minded but he’s so much younger. I doubt he’d be happy at changing places with his 60 year old dad though

10. Who is the funniest teammate?

Hmmm, a difficult one with so many miserable gits I’m going to avoid nepotism by not saying Jake. Tracey and Baz are always good for a laugh but I think I’ll go with Bry because his smile is infectious and makes me smile too

11. What is your favourite website

Oh, anything serious, intellectual and involves not telling the truth

12. Who is your dream date?

My dream date (currently) would be Rey from Star Wars Episode VII. Unfortunately I’d probably have more chance with Maz Kanata. At a thousand years old she’s more my age group

13. Who’s the best dressed in the team?

Well, Jake and me of course. Have you seen the suits we wear? (how could we not John)

14. What training drill do you dread the most?

Any of them if I’m honest. I much prefer to get stuck into a scrim

15. One word to describe you?

Hell, I dunno, “Wrinkly”. I’m sure my team mates can think of other names too

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