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Oakley vs Oakley and Oakley

There has always been friendly competition within the BSHA Planet Ice League, but this year sees what might be the first family-based rivalry.

John and Jake Oakley [Photo by Jake Oakley]

John and Jake Oakley [Photo by Jake Oakley]

Anyone familiar with the Steelkings (or Sheffield ice hockey in general) will probably know Jake Oakley, and most of those people will also be familiar with his dad, John, even if they don’t realise it.  You’ve probably seen them at ice hockey games around the country, and sometimes the world, wearing crazy customer-designed suits, including bright orange ones at Sheffield Steelers games and representing GB with Union Flag suits.

Jake has been with the Steelkings for a while now, and was joined soon after by John. Both picked the game up quickly, becoming integral parts of the team and both will be in the lineup when we play our first season games.

But two Oakleys in the league obviously wasn’t enough. Els Oakley, John’s daughter and Jake’s sister, recently popped along to the Manchester Phoenix sledge team to give it a try.

I love trying things new and exciting and sledge hockey was definitely one of those. I enquired about it and was greeted with a warm reception which made me feel very welcome – I was worried in case I was unwelcome or even offended anyone as it’s a Paralympic sport. As it was, I was encouraged to try it – so I gave it a go and loved it!

None of the Oakleys had played sledge hockey before, but all three are big ice hockey fans, with them regularly meeting up at Sheffield Steelers games during the season and it was this love of ice hockey that drew them towards sledge hockey.

But despite being family, Els certainly isn’t planning on taking it easy on the Steelkings.

Jake’s very competitive and out to win, so I best give him a run for his money! As for my ol’ pap… love you! But its still hockey – bring it on!

There’s no way that either Jake or John – or the rest of the Steelkings – are going to take that laying down.  No matter the names on the back of the shirts, it’s the names on the front that will remain at the forefront of everyone’s minds. As John says:

From the moment she was born I swore to love and protect her – but then sledge hockey came along!

The Steelkings and the Phoenix don’t face each other on the ice until June, but when they do, it’s on consecutive weekends. Phoenix play host tomorrow (Saturday 20th June) at Silverblades Altrincham with face off at 6:30pm, and then they head up here to Yorkshire next Saturday on 27th June for a 9:30pm face off at IceSheffield.  As always, all games are completely free entry.


Photo Gallery: Steelkings vs Kestrels 25.04.2015

Huge thanks to Peter Best for these fantastic photos from the game on Saturday.   I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that the new shirts look amazing!

Click on the thumbnail to see the full image.  Please don’t use these photos without permission.

Steelkings on the Radio!

[Post written by #41 Jake Oakley]

Who knew one tweet, sent in the middle of the night while watching the NHL could bring so much to the Steelkings.

Bryan and Jake making time for a quick selfie before they go on air!

Bryan and Jake making time for a quick selfie before they go on air!

However, today GB and Steelkings goalie Bryan Hackworth and myself helped move the club forward by making a morning appearance on BBC Radio Sheffield.

This came off the back of our training session being recorded on Friday by Look North. They liked what we are doing as a club and passed on our details.

Of course we said yes. So after a phone call with Andrew from the station yesterday, where we told him what we were all about, our hopes and aspirations for the future, we were asked to appear on the show live the following morning.

Agreeing to meet Bryan at the station we met up there just after 8.00am where we met a man called Bruce. He informed us that we would be on just after half past eight, so we should sit back and get settled. Not one minute had past before Bruce came rushing back in to tell us we were going straight on. The guest that should have been on before us was stuck in traffic so it was up to us to fill the gap.

A quick drink of water and we went in.

Bryan live on BBC Radio Sheffield

Bryan live on BBC Radio Sheffield

Bob from the ‘Bob at Breakfast show’ (who is sitting in for Toby Foster) greeted us as he leaned over four microphones to shake our hands. Bryan got the swanky microphone that was nicely branded with the Radio Sheffield design, and I sat next to him. I had a green microphone to talk into opposite Bob.

Before we knew it the red ‘live’ light was switched on and we were thrown into action. We were asked about the club, the sport generally, who can play and the Great Britain squad.

We both felt a little nervous at the start but were really getting into it by the end. Before we knew it though it was all over and the red light was switched back off.  We said our goodbyes and we asked to keep in touch (which we will be doing).

Bryan and I then parted ways ourselves, but not before we both switched our phones back on to a flurry of text messages about our appearance.

Clearly the message is getting out there, slowly but surely, that we are here and we mean business.

If you want to hear the rambling of two mad men, click on the link below and move the slider to 1h20m.

Light ‘Em Up!

Our own Jake Oakley, with the help of his trusty Go-Pro camera produced this awesome intro video for the team!