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Player Interview

Here we have a short interview by Lewis Coleman of East Sheffield Sport with our own Mike Rhodes.

LC – When did you first get involved with the Steelkings?

MR – It’ll be three years ago this summer. I’ve been a hockey fan for a long time and one of my oldest friends, Jake, is the Steelkings’ Chairman. He was bugging me to come down and give para ice-hockey a try for a while and the club runs some learn-to-sledge sessions from time to time where anyone can come down and give the sport a go. I went along to one of those, loved it, and they haven’t found a way to get rid of me since!

LC – With the season due to start in May and with the League and play off title to defend are you disappointed that this now looks unlikely?

MR – I think the season is officially off now. It is disappointing but there’s little point in getting frustrated about things you can’t control and you can look for positives: we were adding a second team, the Steelking Bees (or Steel Stings) to the league this year and this gives a lot of new players that extra time to train – once we’re back on the ice of course – and to get up to speed. A couple of the team had injuries and now there is extra recovery time. We want to retain our titles and win trophies of course, but our bigger aim is to grow the profile of this club and the sport and we can still be doing things towards that. And hopefully later on this year if and when things get back to normal we can do some sort of friendly game or there might kind of tournament with the other British teams so it might not be a completely wasted year game wise. So it is a disappointment sure, but I’m more disappointed by things that have actually happen in games rather than in games that will never happen.

LC – Sport isn’t just about exercise, how much are you missing the camaraderie with your teammates?

MR – Yeah that’s difficult. Everyone was really welcoming when I first started and we really are like one big family, plus there a few people on that team that I’ve been friends with since I was a kid. We’re lucky in a way that with social media, instant messaging, things like Skype, we can all stay in touch but it isn’t the same. We used to do a lot together socially. And we usually train on a Friday night. No matter how bad a week you might have had you always knew you were seeing friends and letting off some steam on the ice for an hour or two and I miss that. I’m sure we all do.

LC – Is the inclusiveness of para Ice Hockey something you enjoy and would recommend to others?

MR – Absolutely. The sport is designed to be all inclusive and the Steelkings really embrace that. The sport welcomes disabled and able-bodied players, and it welcomes anyone regardless of gender, age, sexuality, religion, or any other characteristic and the Steelkings are the most welcoming group of people I’ve ever known. It’s a huge, huge selling point of the sport and of the club for me and I know what that acceptance and those friendships you can build with teammates can do for people.

LC – What are the challenges of working alongside training and playing matches for the Steelkings?

MR – To be honest I’ve been pretty lucky in that regard so far. My work have been understanding in letting me leave early for training if I need to and make my time back elsewhere and all the matches so far have been on weekends. I know it’s a bigger struggle for some of the team but I’ve been fine so far.

LC – How are you keeping yourself occupied without being able to train and play matches with the Steelkings?

MR – With a lot of films! Seriously, whilst I can’t go to the gym and we can’t train properly, I still have my gear so I can practice stick handling – but with tennis balls not pucks. I don’t have weights at home but I have been doing cardio and stretches. And I can re-watch games. It’s not ideal, but again it’s about looking for the positives and making the best out of what you have.



Unfortunately, like the rest of the world, the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has meant we have had to cancel all of our training and exhibition games until further notice.

The health and wellbeing of our players, staff and fans are of the upmost importance to us and we hope you all stay safe, look after each other and we will see you all very soon for the defence of our crown and introduction of our new team.

Kings Cup 2020

We held our second annual Kings Cup tournament recently with four teams battling it out for the honour of winning the trophy. Joining the Sheffield Steelkings for this year’s tournament were the Rouen Dragons, the Cardiff Huskies and our own Steelbees team, with the Huskies taking home the spoils this time.

We thank the Rouen Dragons for making the long trip from Northern France, the Huskies for journeying here from South Wales and all of the fans who came to watch the excitement.

Yorkshire Choice Awards

Yorkshire Choice Awards.jpg

In case you missed it, we’ve been nominated for ‘Sporting Achievement of the Year’ in the Yorkshire Choice Awards!

But we now need your help!

Please click on the link below and to head to the YCA website where you can vote for the Sheffield Steelkings!

(Our very own Barry Grayson and Andy Atkinson are also up for awards! Baz for ‘Inspirational Individual of the Year’ and Andy for the ‘Kate Granger for Outstanding Achievement’ – Due to their involvement in para ice hockey and the club! Please vote for them at the same time).

If you can share this with everybody you know that would also be amazing! Thank you from everyone at the Steelkings! We really appreciate it!

Exciting News Alert!

We are pleased to announce that the Winter Blast will be returning for 2019!!!

So please join us at IceSheffield for our annual inter-club Christmas exhibition game.

It’s completely FREE for all spectators, so make sure you, your family and your friends join us on Thursday 19th December for what will be another great game or Para Ice Hockey

Winter Blast 2019

The French are coming! The French are coming!

We have some exciting news for you, on February 10th we are welcoming Para Ice Hockey HCCA Dahu 63 to Sheffield for a game between our two clubs!!!

HCCA Dahu (from Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE) will travel to Sheffield to face the Steelkings in a full length game in just under THREE WEEKS TIME!

Steelkings chairman, Jake Oakley, had this to say about the fixture: “Everyone at the Sheffield Steelkings are very excited that we can finally announce this fixture against our friends from France. We’ve been working on the details since late summer and we can’t wait to face them now.”

This will be a first for both clubs and we are very so happy to be welcoming them to IceSheffield and the Steel City!

HCCA Dahu chairman, Gillian Horny, also added: “We can’t wait to play against the Steelkings! It will be a great trip and one to remember.”

As always, this game will be completely free to all spectators and we really want to get a big crowd watching our first international competition!

So make sure you save the date and tell everyone you know to come down to IceSheffield as we look to defend the kingdom!!!

HCCA Dahu Poster.jpg

Feel the Winter Blast!

Winter Blast.jpg

Following the success of our first ever ‘Fire & Ice’ game, your Sheffield Steelkings are very proud to bring you our first ever ‘Winter Blast’ game!

We love to shout about our sport and what better way than to have another FREE exhibition game for all you lovely people!

Consider it our Christams present to you (and it certainly beats getting socks).

So, invite your friends, family, neighbours, work collegues and anyone else you can think of and let’s continue to spread the game of para ice hockey!

As well as an exciting game, we’ll also have a raffle, a tombola and a selection of merchandise on sale! (We might even have some little treats for you too!)

REMEMBER, it’s completely FREE ENTRY for all spectators! So mark your diaries and we’ll see you at IceSheffield on the 14th December!



Last night we hosted an amazing Learn to Sledge session in conjunction with our sponsors, Irwin Mitchell and friends.

Irwin Mitchell are passionate about helping us spread the amazing sport of para ice hockey and we are very grateful for their ongoing support.

We have more photos to follow on our facebook page  but we had to share this one first!

An amazing night with amazing people. Thank you to everyone involved. We hope you had as much fun as we did

We’ve won the lottery!

As you are probably aware,  your Sheffield Steelkings were finalists in the best sport category of the National Lottery Awards.

WE WON!!!!!

Group photo with jonnie peacock.jpg

Last Friday Coach Jake Oakley and Captain David Scivill took some of the team down to the BBC studios in London for the awards ceremony.

Group photo with award

We have had an amazing time and met some wonderful people over the last 4 years and are extremely excited and proud to have been chosen as the best National Lottery funded sports project for 2018.

We’d like to thank all of our supporters and sponsors who have helped us to become the club we are today and continue to help us as we strive to reach the potential we know we have.

You can watch the awards on BBC One at 22:45 tonight.

As a thank you we are having a “Fire and Ice” exhibition game at IceSheffield on the 5th October starting at 17:50, and with free entry we hope to see you there.

Fire and Ice Poseter

National Lottery Awards, here we come!

Steelkings 1

For anyone who hasn’t seen our social media accounts lately, your Sheffield Steelkings are in the finals of the National Lottery Awards 2018!

We’ve been recognised by the National Lottery for our ‘Learn to Sledge’ programme, which we ran last year. The program helped to get hundreds of people into sledges and trying para ice hockey for the very first time.

We are now in the last week of voting and need your votes to help us to win

There are three ways to vote for us:

1. Click on this link and vote for us on the National Lottery website:…/sheffield-steelkings

2. Telephone – Our project has a dedicated phone number.
You can call: 0844 836 9710
(Calls cost 5p but please be advised that connection charges may be applied by some networks, so please check with your provider).

3. And on Twitter – If you tweet or retweet #NLASheffieldSteelkings you will also be registering a vote for us. So please share any post you see using our hashtag. (You can find us on Twitter @SteelkingsSH)

We’re hoping that with your help, we can win the prize money which will allow us to buy more equipment and ice time to get more people playing para ice hockey with us in the future.

Thank you for support and we hope you will vote for our project and share it with everybody you know.

Wish us luck!
National Lottery Good Causes
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