The Sheffield Steelkings Para Ice Hockey Club are the youngest team in the BPIHA league.

Established in September 2014, and with only 5 players the Steelkings were a small but determined team, with the goal of competing against other teams around the UK in the (then) 2015 BSHA league.

Their first competition on the ice was a friendly game against the Manchester Phoenix Sledge Hockey Club, due to a lack of players this was played as 4 on 4 rather than the usual 5 on 5. The experience of Manchester showed as the Steelkings were defeated 7-0. However this made the team even more competitive and determined that they would not go down without a fight.

The 2015 and 2016 seasons have been a challenge to the team as we faced the more experienced competition throughout the league, however with the addition of new members, improved coaching techniques and good old fashioned hard work, the Steelkings have graduated from being the small group of friends who took on Manchester in December 2014, to a full and competitive Para Ice Hockey team, ready to face the 2017 season.