Off Ice

Off Ice

Your tool kit:

Everyone needs to have some tools in their kit bag because you never really know your sledge until you start tinkering with it!
When starting out, go to a hardware store and buy yourself a set of spanners and allen keys.
(To get started Poundland do cheap sets but they aren’t very strong)


Tape is your choice. We use a lot of blue at the club as coloured and white tape is less sticky than black.

Removing the Blades:

Blades need to be removed from time to time so they can be sharpened. If you remove your blades, make sure you put them back on the same way! Blades have a front and back when they are sharpened! (Mark your blades with a marker pen so you know). Puckstop can sharpen your blades for about £5 and I personally like a 9/16th’s cut.